Thursday, October 28, 2004


3D Without the Glasses

Sharp is bragging about new software that analyzes video images and converts them into a 3D perspective. This is a pretty cool feature (if it works). This is sorta like on your audio mixer at home that lets you listen to your CDs as if they were in a concert hall or a cathedral. I can image that someday there will be a "3D" button on TV screen that turns the algorthm on and off.


Election Analysis History

Yahoo news reposts an interesting USA Today article about using a computer to process election data through an electoral model. The statistical model was good, the data entry was accurate enough, the 5,000 Univac vacuum tubes did their job, and CBS was able to project the winner of the 1952 presidential election long before the ballots were counted. Electoral jounalism and poltical science were changed forever.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Terabype iPod? "Terapod"

Can you imagine how many movies you could store on an iPod that had a terabyte of storage? Months worth. According to this article a 3.5" 100 tb disk is coming soon. Boggles the mind.


Alexa Web Service

The Alexa database of internet traffic is now available via the Web Service inteface. Nifty.


Ring Tone Mania

C|Net reports that Billboard magazine is going to start listing the top purchased ringtones with their Nov 6 edition.

Here is a cool app (called Ringtone ReMixer) to create your own ring tones.


The Sun Blogs

Just discovered the Sun Blogs. The top ones are jonathan and jclingan. Another Sun guy has a blog off the reservation, Tim Bray.

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