Thursday, August 25, 2005


When is VOIP not Telephony?

When it is Google Talk. Free computer to computer phone calls, but its not a phone and it is not a call. It is just voice messaging--instant voice messaging. I love it. That way they don't fall under all the telephone regulations. Like, how can you dial 911 when there is no dial?

Which raises a good point. Why must I "dial" 911 to get assistance? It is some kind of arrogance that I cannot instant message my distress "call" or email from a blackberry a distress "call." Why do I have to "call" at all when I am in distress. I want my future pacemaker to "call" for me when I am in distress. Text message with geo-coords would be the best, but I guess one could program the pacemaker to send a VOIP message with a simulated voice.

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