Monday, November 14, 2005


Watch out for Sony CDs!

Rob Enderle of TechNewsWorld reports that Sony is putting "rootkits" on their music CD as a form of Digital Rights Management. Unfortunately, rootkit technology is so powerful that it is used maliciously to turn your PC into a zombie.
Rootkits, by design, are virtually undetectable by anti-virus and anti-spam products. Even if they are detected, they integrate themselves so completely into the operating system that they are almost impossible to remove without going through a clean OS installation. UK outlet The Register recently covered this at length. In effect, you are generally better off buying a new PC.
In essence, Sony is "attacking" your PC, something that at least three states believe violate their privacy laws, and have filed law suits against Sony.

Postscript (11/15/05): Yahoo News reports that Microsoft views the Sony rootkit a threat to its operating system and will distribute software to remove the rootkit from Windows.

Update (11/15/05): BusinessWeek Online reports that Sony will discontinue distributing the rootkit. Sony is making available software that will uninstall the rootkit. This software, however, is only available after filling out an on-line form and giving the Sony website unlimited access to your PC--a cure that is worse than the sickness. Bad Sony.

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