Monday, December 11, 2006


Can you Swivel?

My friend, Glen, just pointed me to a cool new website called Swivel. A person uploads a data table (rows and columns) in comma separated values (csv) format. Swivel then starts to "swivel" the data, producing various charts and graphs. Swivel, then tries to find other data tables that might have similar columns. For example, if I upload yearly cancer death data, and someone else uploads yearly car accident death data, Swivel will sync up the year column then it can co-plot the cancer and accident data. Viewers can rate the graphs and charts to help the algorithm get smarter.

Here is my Swivel data table.

Hey there, thanks for the post on Swivel. I see your data did not have any graphs generated. We're working on a fix to our crawler and should have something better for you there tomorrow.
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