Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Innovation in the White Spaces

My friend Gwen pointed me to an interesting piece on innovation from EDS. It cites Charlie Feld on the importance of engaging different disciplines, as well as creating an infrastructure that is innovation friendly.

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"Innovation friendly" is an interesting phrase. I've argued that core to Web2.0 is the user's ability to customize the interface. (NetVibes is my favorite service, and I appreciate the way it has coupled powerful RSS reader functions with garden.variety widgets. More ambitious, and far newer: ... the "Globally Hosted Operating sysTem".)
While this would, for most, mean little more than mere aesthetics, it would allow the user to adjust cognitive loading ... something I think is key to sense-making.

But taking this from another vector, it would mean that a user could, without creating a disconnect, add information that was lateral or related in a non-linear manner. Requiring linearity leads to dynamics that are, at least in effect, authoritarian i.e. information that doesn't mesh im-mediately appears to be nothing but noise. (Curious that the first really effective radio detection system was called a "coherer"!)

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