Wednesday, September 19, 2007



I just discovered a good short summary of transformation theory by Marcia Daszko and Sheila Sheinberg. Here is a snippet. (scroll down . . .)


Motivation for ChangeBetter, Faster, CheaperFix a problemSurvival,Environment,World Changes, Breakthrough needed
Degree of ChangeIncremental improvementsTransition from old to new; A to BRevolutionary
Necessary ThinkingImproveChange management; strategic planningRadical shifts in mindset/thinking/actions
ActionsManage and control processesDesign the plan; implement the planWhole system change, complete overhaul of mindset, paradigms, culture

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About six years ago Bob Beard and I had an opportunity to work with Sheila - she is amazing! She considers her job to be a Master Provocateur. She is known for her prediction that organizations in the future will be "Ad-Hocracies".
She lives in a Geodesic Dome Home in the Pacific NorthWest. Peter Beck
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